Monday, February 23, 2009

Chapter 2-3 poetics of space

In chapter 2, House and Universe, it goes over the way the house and the outside world coincide together. My favorite quote in this chapter is, "on snowy days, the house is old. It is as though it were living in the past of centuries gone by." (Page 41). As I was reading this I couldn't help but think of a snowy day and imagining the way it feels. Even though we were not living during the times with no electricity and living in log cabins, we can still imagine what it must have been like on those cold and snowy days during those times. Earlier on page 40 he points out, "The absence of struggle is often the case of the winter housed in literature." And he goes on to say, "It gives a single color to the entire universe," The snow reduces the outside world to simplicity. And the struggles of the world are subsided.

In chapter 3, Drawers, Chest and Wardrobes, It talks about how things are put together and how they are used for their own reasons. My favorite quote from this section is, "The world would get along getter if pots and covers could always stay together." (pg. 83) I thought this was quite amusing. He got this form an old proverb. He suggests that writers let us read their treasure boxes. This is their place of keeping what is on their minds and they let us in. They let us in their day dreams and their desires. This goes back to the proverb I mentioned earlier, with pots and covers. Everyone has a cover with for their own "box". But will they let us in to see what is inside. This goes back to what he says on page 78, "A wardrobe's inner space is also intimate space, space that is not open to just anyone." This is a safe place for order for treasures for things to be touched by not just anyone.



In high school I started taking design classes, drafting, art and interior design. One teacher in particular stood out against the rest; my interior design teacher, Ms. Crabtree. From the time I started her classes she has helped me and taught me all she knew about interior design and was always there to talk to and to encourage me through all I did. Everyday before classes started in the morning I would talk to her about everything, school, things outside of school going on, and so on. There is a time that I can still remember to this day, she encouraged me to go after my dreams. I don’t know if she even remembers telling me this. One day I was talking to her about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told her that I wanted to become an architect. She replied by telling me that when she was young that she wanted to become an architect, but everyone discouraged her to follow her dream, so she became and interior designer instead, not meaning that was bad but just not her dream. She told me that I could do anything I wanted. Since then I chase after my dreams everyday and plan to keeping following them and my goals that I set before myself.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yesterday the Patrick's 4th year class had the chance to put into action some learning styles. We were able to use Learning by Teaching. We went to the first year’s studio and had desk critiques with them then we presented in front of their entire class. I had the opportunity to critique Kristina's, Tristan's, and Brittany's work. Each of their projects were unique and very well crafted. I enjoyed looking at what they came up with and the reasoning behind their designs. Kristina had a model of contrast. She chose to use board that was dark on one side and white on the other. She put 2 triangles on the edges. The reasoning behind that was because there were 2 points to her story. I suggested to her to think about literally having 2 points on your project, and think about changing the colors around to lead the eye from one side to the next. Tristan had hierarchy for his model. I really enjoyed this one because it seemed so delicate yet so powerful. With him a girl Vanessa and I talked to him about thinking of how you will approach with pathway, whether it will be moving away from you or coming from the other direction coming right over you. Brittany was the last one I spoke with, the model that I felt strongly about was her balance model. She had these stairs that went up and every other one was white or black. I suggested that she thing about the direction the model was moving in and think about the different shapes that can be made from the story. My over all opinion about the whole thing was that it was very helpful for me and for each of them. I would have to say I probably got as much out of it as they did. It made me think of different ways to look at the projects that are put in front of us each year and for the years to come.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My favorite subject in school growing up was Math. Most people did not like math, they probably even hated it. For me I loved it. There were times when I would get overwhelmed with it, but the reality of it was I loved thinking about solving problems. Algebra was one of my favorites because it is all problem solving using a formula to the get answer. If you use the formula right you will always get the right answer, but one mistake can ruin the entire equation. Its almost like taking a risk, but with math.

Monday, February 16, 2009


"our houses are no longer aware of the storms of the outside universe."

This quote intrigued me. When i read it, i realized that i haven't thought of things like that before. Our houses, they stand through the storms. But this also relates to our memories. Throughout the times in our houses and homes we have so many memories. Things might happen in our lives, good and bad but because of the the way our mind generates what happens our memories will always stand. A couple of lines down it speaks about a tile blowing off the roof and kills a passer-by in the street. The way that i interpreted this was through our memories, bad things can happen to people we know or don't know but the memory still stands tall.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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