Monday, April 13, 2009


Jovana and I spoke with Patrick yesterday about our work. It was a good conversation even though we are having to rethink the elements that we have in the space now. Our project had many curves and i would say elements that really had no purpose but to be there. It was a little crazy inside. We discussed creating some elements similar but using horizontal and vertical only to see what we come up with. What we have now is not really nesting, but more of a lot of "stuff" going on. Patrick brought to our attention that we want the each space to nest in one another or be connected to one another, instead of every nest being seperate. Right now Jovana and I are working to bring the vertical and horizontal lines into the space without being over powering, and connecting the spaces of the reception (core of the nest, the glue to hold it all together) and the reading space, nook, poetry, entrance, and presentation.